1. tuturugaaa said: i see, thank you for the info i hope i would be able to see it one day :) i just had a vacation in montreal last week and absolutely love it. its a very fascinating city so i just had to research all about it and then come across your blog

    Oh that’s awesome I’m glad you liked it. I love when people tell me that! Montreal has something special, I find.


  2. tuturugaaa said: Do you know where can i see Tu dors Nicole in the US? Your review intrigued me!

    hey, thanks so much for reading it - i appreciate it. i checked online and i don’t think it is currently playing in the states but the movie is playing at TIFF (toronto international film festival) right now so it might come to the US after that. if it doesn’t, you could stream it online eventually. hope you’ll be able to watch it, it’s fantastic and worth your time i guarantee you. cheers 

  3. marie antoinette 2006


  5. earlier this month i attended an early projection of montreal based director, Stephane Lafleur’s, upcoming film TU DORS NICOLE. it is currently playing in the city. hopefully the movie will gain much success because it honestly deserves so much attention. the portrayal of young adults in the suburbs has never been this close to reality until now. you can read my review here.


  6. nelsonvanalden-groupie said: I'm in love with your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Just wanted to ask whats your tumblr theme? x

    Hey there, thanks so much! My theme is QUITE BIG by georgedunkley. it’s a great one. enjoy x

  7. cusack and crowe on the set of say anything… 1989.

  8. N Y M P H ( ) M A N I A C 

  9. vika angel

  10. i recently received a copy of smashing pumpkin’s mellon collie and the infinite sadnesson vinyl. it is absolutely beautiful and want to hug it all the time and just stare at it. it is one of the most beautiful pieces of art to have ever been created.